Zune Phone will not be submitted shortly

December 11, 2008, 5:41 pm

zune phone will not be submitted shortly   Recently, the Network is increasingly circulating rumors that Microsoft was ready to provide mobile phone, which will be the player Zune, in January at CES 2009. It was said that the so-called Zune Phone with the working title Pink will be used OS Windows Mobile, and its interface is optimized by data input with your fingers.
As has learned from the first edition of Gizmodo those units Zune, music-oriented phone from Microsoft will not be announced at CES. This could mean that a device in, but will be announced later, or the software giant no plans for its establishment.
Mark Foley, Joe (Mary Jo Foley), member of ZDNet, notes that under the name Pink can not hide single product, a whole series of services that are relevant to the player Zune. In particular, the music software for Windows Mobile with the possibilities of Zune is part of the project.
Apparently, Microsoft is not yet ready to enter the market with its own device, concentrating on promoting the Windows Mobile, positions which may affect next year - virtually all the major vendors (except Nokia) announced plans to release Android-phones.


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